İstanbul Yıldız Hotel

About Hotel

Istanbul Yıldız Hotel, which was put into service in 2013 and is located 80 kilometres west of Istanbul, offers an exclusive vacation opportunity to its guests with its seafront position, majestic architecture and excellent service concept. Istanbul Yıldız Hotel will be glad to give our distinguished guests a vacation having the comfort of their homes with a total of 30 rooms including 6 Suits with spectacular sea views, 2 Family Rooms, 2 Triple Rooms and 20 Standard Rooms. With its comfortable rooms, restaurant and bar having a magnificent sea view and delicate beach, Istanbul Yıldız Hotel also hosts all kinds of organizations from special occasions to business meetings, as well as vacation stays. As Istanbul Yıldız Hotel staff, we are at your service to ensure that our estimable guests have the vacation of their dreams with the comfort they desire. In line with this, we provide you with 24/7 room service. We will be proud to host you with our sense of high-quality services and our friendly, hospitable personnel. You will enjoy the world-famous Turkish hospitality and discover the cultural wealth of our region during your stay. Our aim is to provide excellent services for turning an ordinary vacation into extraordinary memories.

Necessary Information about Our Hotel

Does the hotel have parking and valet services?
° Yes. There are paid parking and valet services available in our hotel.

When should I check out?
° Check-out time is 12:00 PM in our hotel.

Does the hotel offer dry cleaning and laundry services?
° Yes. You can use the dry cleaning and laundry services between Monday and Saturday (except during official holidays) in our hotel. Please read and fill out the laundry and dry cleaning form in your closet and call the reception.

What happens if I forget something in my room?
° All belongings left in the rooms are registered and stored by the housekeeping department.

Does your hotel have an executive on duty 24/7?
° Yes. Our hotel has an executive on duty 24/7. You can contact him/her through the reception.

Are there any non-smoking rooms in the hotel?
° Many rooms are designed as non-smoking rooms in our hotel; please inform us while making reservation.

Is there a wireless internet connection available in the hotel?
° Yes. Wireless internet connection is available in all rooms and common areas.

Are the hotel and its location secure?
° Common areas are kept under surveillance 24/7 with the camera systems of the latest technology, and we prioritize your safety with fire and smoke detectors in our hotel.

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